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Logo Downloads & Brand Guidelines

Download vector and .png versions of our logo. We ask you to please respect our branding guidelines and not alter the logo in any way, shape or form. Download All



  • Use these files to refer to QuestionPro.

  • Use these files while mentioning QuestionPro in an article or in print.

  • Use these files to promote your QuestionPro surveys.


  • Manipulate the logo's color.

  • Change the logo proportions.

  • After the logo's orientation. Make sure no type, design, or photographic elements encroach on the logo.

Required clear space

Keep the size and position relationship between the symbol and logotype intact at all times.


Color palette

Royal Blue


Electric Blue


How to write QuestionPro

"Question" and "Pro" always go together (just like Love and Marriage), please don't separate them with a space, dash or any other character (they will miss each other. Believe us, we've tried). Some examples of how to not spell QuestionPro: Question Pro, Questionpro, question pro, questionPro.