Emobility: What it is & Why it’s So Important

For years, the mobility industry has been searching for new trends and alternatives to meet the needs of users, among all the proposals, there is an approach that has stood out; we refer to electromobility (eMobility). In this article, we will share everything about it.

What is eMobility

Electromobility or emobility is a concept that emerged within the urban mobility industry to define and classify means of transport that use electrical energy to fulfill their purpose of transporting people from the point of origin to their destination efficiently.

Great examples of transport enclosed under this concept are usually electric cars. However, it is not limited only to these and includes other means of transportation such as scooters and motorcycles. The same has begun to gain significant popularity for various reasons, among which are:

  1. Less environmental impact: CO2 emissions and their relationship with global warming have become one of the main reasons why users and governments have chosen to turn and see emobility as an excellent alternative for reducing gases and consumption of polluting fuels for personal transport and citizens in general.
  2. Use of clean energy: Electricity can be generated through various systems, among which methods with low environmental impact stand out, contrary to what happens with fuels derived from petroleum, whose use and production mean a direct impact on various ecological aspects of the environment.
  3. Reduction of noise pollution: In general, transports that use electrical energy as the force that drives them are usually very quiet compared to transports that use internal combustion engines, which contributes to the reduction of the so-called noise pollution.
  4. Promotion of public policies for its adoption: Public transport is one of the main means of transport in cities, so governments are beginning to encourage and contribute to the adoption of electromobility as part of daily social life.

How to evaluate and identify the state of the electromobility industry

Emobility has been gaining ground for several years as one of the best alternatives when it comes to transportation. However, there are still regions and elements of society that tend to consider it as something experimental. These assumptions are why data and research have become the best tool to dispel these uncertainties.

At QuestionPro, we have developed various solutions that will allow people interested in the subject or closely involved in this transformation to obtain the necessary data to evaluate the impact, know the benefits and repercussions, and follow up on all the aspects involved.

Some of these tools and services are:

  • Market research platform: QuestionPro has a license developed to carry out advanced research projects. Thanks to our intuitive platform, you will be able to create surveys, distribute them through various channels and analyze the data in detail to know the industry’s current state, identify market needs and carry out all kinds of research to support decision-making with data.
  • QuestionPro AutoX: One of the few full-service customer experience measurement providers solely focused on the Automotive and Mobility Industry on the market. In it, we have included all the necessary functions to know the satisfaction of users and suppliers to detect areas of opportunity and improve the required resources to boost sales in the automotive sector. You can learn more about this platform and schedule a demo here:
  • DealerPulse: Cars and electric vehicles are becoming more common and are moving more and more in the market. However, it is crucial to provide timely follow-up to ensure that they meet users’ expectations, especially if it is their first experience with these types of vehicles.

For car dealerships starting to sell this type of vehicle, we have created DealerPulse. On this platform, you can survey your customers, evaluate your results on a dashboard, and implement a customer follow-up process in a straightforward way.

QuestionPro, is your best option for Emobility evaluations.

Suppose you are interested in using any of our services to conduct your own market or satisfaction studies. In that case, we invite you to schedule a demonstration of our products and speak with one of our advisors to find out the needs of your project and support you in everything you need.