Agile market research: New technologies, new opportunities!

A complete guide to conduct market research that meets the dynamic needs of organizations
Introduction Traditional market research has always been extremely time-consuming and expensive as the resources required to understand, strategize and execute market...
Aditya Bhat
31 min read

Competence is Not a Differentiator, Competence With Empathy is.

Opening up the next frontier in retention and growth
Executive Summary Research shows that emotions are the key factor when making a decision. Without any emotions, we are not able...
Vivek Bhaskaran
22 min read

Continuous Discovery for Insights

The intersection of curiosity and insights with a company
Introduction (What is Continuous Discovery?)  Insights professionals are generally tasked with predicting the future either by looking at the past or...
Dan Fleetwood
9 min read


Isolate, Identify & Predict
Introduction NPS is a widely used methodology to measure CX. In fact, it’s nearly ubiquitous and has gained a massive following...
Ken Peterson
6 min read

Research Repositories & Knowledge Graphs

A practical guide to building a sustainable research organization
Executive Summary Over the last few years, companies have recognized that research, not limited to Product, Consumer, and UX, has become...
Kristi Zuhlke
16 min read