By Jo Morgan Dakin, Director of Recruitment

It is a New Year and to make sure you are on track for a great year here are a few thoughts to help you succeed in your plan.

There are very few industries that are not challenged to attract and retain great employees.  If you are unable to pay top dollar for your roles,  then you need to change your recruiting strategies to attract the top people in your field.  You need to put your company on display, it should be attractive for other alternatives then just the salary.

As an employer you need to keep in mind that the candidate is not necessarily desperate for your role.  They want to make a career choice not just take a job.  You the employer, must make the interview attractive to the outside world, you need to show that your company is the best choice for them.  You want to make a memorable first impression with your hiring process, have the candidate want to come and work for you.  WOW the applicant with the value your company brings to the table.  When you spend the biggest part of your life working with colleagues you need to create the best team to work with.  Employees may look initially for the high paying roles but they will stay for the work relationships that have been created.

You need to develop a retention plan that will develop your employees and foster the team environment.  You should be developing the whole person not just their work skills.  How do you do this?  There are simple ways – encourage people to exercise at their desks, bring in a personal trainer that can demonstrate chair exercises and then have the team go for a walk around the block to clear their heads.  Have a chef visit and prepare simple, healthy lunch and dinner options that are quick and easy.  Have board games set up in the lunch room, play a game a scrabble on your lunch hour with others in different departments to foster inter department socializing.  Give employees 10 hours of outside volunteer time bi yearly to work with non-profit organizations.    Have summer bar b ques, and holiday pot lucks.  Your employees should be talking to each other during the day and talking about how great your company is outside of work at night.

People don’t leave companies, people leave managers.  The most important person to an individual in the work place is their direct manager.  To generate interest in a company there is a very high probability that it has a good team.  Exceptional managers will receive exceptional work.  Having a bad manager you will have a team that complains and you will also have disengaged employees.  Not all employees are meant to be managers, typically someone is good at their job and they get promoted.  But often they don’t know how to manage and therefore don’t do a good job, make sure your managers are getting the traininggood-managementgood-management-1 and mentoring they need to be exceptional.



The most important quality in an organization is its culture.  Dr. Ivan Misner has said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  If people don’t believe in the “move forward plan” from Management, it will fail.  If your employees don’t have the buy in, they will plug away, complain, burn out and leave.  Your business strategy will fail and your culture will be missing.  A positive culture of recognition and accountability, at all levels, will create a happy employees which in turn will generate great profits.

So as an employer you need to make your company attractive in the hiring process, build relationships with your teams, have great leaders for these team and create a positive healthy working culture to be a success.

Are you doing these things?  Do you need some help to put together some strategies to get them done?